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About Me

     I was born in 1937 to a poor family. I know. There were a lot of poor people in the days of the Great Depression. But we were of the poorest of the poor: moving from place to place, working as migrant farm workers, etc, etc., etc.; just like you read about in John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath; just like I tell about in the stories I write. In fact most of the background tidbits I add to my stories come from my actual background. Weird huh? But that’s the background I know.

     I didn’t even know I could go to college when I graduated from High School. It took my older brother coming out of the Air Force with the GI bill to convince me to talk with the Dean of Men at the local college. The dean asked if I had $42. I did, so I went to college: a little directionless, but I went.

     Then I met Jeannie. I had no thought of getting married or settling down. But when I met her, I was doomed: stabilized, settled, entrenched forever. I started my thirty-five-year Boeing career hugging the company tree with tenacious steadfastness--especially after the kids started coming. With a bachelor’s in mathematics I started in Industrial Engineering, moving, with organizational re-alignments, to Finance as a manager, having a successful and rewarding career.

     This success translated easily to my spiritual life where I served in several church teaching and leadership roles in my quest to lead my family to happiness and peace as an eternal family--my greatest of all successes. Here I learned to serve and love.

     Seven children and several grandchildren later, I retired at fifty-seven to start a new life: two years in mainland China teaching English; two years in Australia working with Asian students; four years working with the Marshallese; travels around the world to far-away places in Europe, Malaysia, the Pacific, the Philippines, Mexico; inheriting daughters-in-law and son-in -law from as far away as Borneo, St. Vincent of the Caribbean, and London, Canada; learning and loving different and diverse peoples and cultures of the world.

     And so, that’s what I mostly write about. I started my imaginations as a child and, thankfully, kept that child-like attribute to my old age: now. From my associations with beloved friends in the corners of the world, coupled with intensive research and study, I write. I started my story telling at the bedsides of my children, and evolved to writing poems and stories for wife, children, and friends. I love to write. It’s my hobby, my passion, my satisfaction, my deliverance from old age gloom and boredom.

     If you really want to know about me, read my books, my stories, my poems. They come from me, the inner-me: the real Max Delano Beers.