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Dear friends. Finally my second post!

ANNOUNCEMENT 1: I’ve published another story, Miracle of Trithemius. Actually this story was written before the other story. It's the 2nd story I’ve written. I’m in the process of editing the 1st story I wrote. Is that confusing? Like a riddle? Solution: I’ve written 3 stories. I published the third story first (Redemption of Truganini); the second story I’ve just published (Miracle of Trithemius); the 1st story I wrote (Mountain of Kings) I will publish later after some more editing. Whew!

All three stories are stand alone, so it doesn’t matter in which order you read them, except that I reference the previous stories in the later ones. Yikes! I’m getting into riddle land again. JUST READ THEM. Click on Max Adventures above.

If you read these stories you will note that the protagonist is named Max. That’s my name too. Even though the stories are fiction—obviously—the character Max is me, or at least how I view me. Or is it what I want me to be? In any sense, I guess it’s my way of getting into the character—it’s the character I know. I don’t know of any other author who has done this. I hope it works for you. Give me some feedback by email or facebook.

I’ve added a couple short stories plus a few poems in this website. Click on Short Stories and Poems above. The short stories are my true life stories, so Max is the protagonist, because Max is me. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did living them. I've also added a personal bio.

Hello friends. This is my first post!

WELCOME to my new website. I’m anxious to share my writing -- my passion -- with my family and many, many friends around the world. And welcome to all others. My family is continuing to expand, so can my friends; my universe is infinitely open.

I will be populating this site in the next few weeks. I’m a little slow in this new cyber world, so bear with me. My computer in college was a slide rule. I will regularly post my progress to this page.

I’m excited to announce my new book I have just published on Amazon Kindle, REDEMPTION OF TRUGANINI. This is actually my 3rd book, but the first to be published. I have some further editing on the other two. In time I hope to publish them also. See MAX ADVENTURES page for descriptions.

Also I’ve posted a reading from REDEMPTION OF TRUGANINI in the MAX ADVENTURES page and on YouTube. I hope you enjoy it. If you do, please share with others.