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Max Adventures


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     " Australia! I've always wanted to go to Australia," Max, our teenage adventurer, responds to the prophet Isaenam's call. But this adventure will be different. "In Dreamtime, time is place," Monti, Max's Aboriginal mentor, explains to his shocked realization of how different. But it's more than just a different time and place. It's a new life, growing from infant to man in a 40,000 year old culture.

     Interfering with the Aboriginal law, Max leaves his adopted mother's clan to accept an invitation to help Master Robinson and his beautiful Bruny Island assistant, Truganini, rescue the natives of Tasmania from the encroaching colonists.

     But, in his travels, Max becomes a victim of the 19th century British convict colony. Rescued by Master Robinson, Max and his young convict comrades, Jonathan and Molly, acquire the help of the future political leaders in London, those charged to secure Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness for all mankind.

     Anxiously returning to assist Master Robinson, Max is crushed by Truganini's survival approach: succumbing to the wicked desires of the sealers and whalers. Max now knows why he was sent to Australia: all in preparation, the metaphor for all past and future life's activity: The Redemption of Truganini.


  Watch my video of a reading from chapter 40, Trial of Trials.



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     “Yes, we the Maya are the slaves. It’s been that way since the days of the conquistadors--since Cortez stepped onto our soil with the great Adelantado Montejo and his title to conquer and colonize for the crown.”

    But now, two teenage boys will change the course of history and lead the Maya to the greatness of their golden age—one milpah at a time.

    In MIRACLE OF TRITHEMIUS, Max and his Mayan host, Pacal, entangle with historical and mythical figures and events to discover the path to Maya liberation and greatness. Max learns that even a nobody snot-nosed kid can help accomplish God‘s purposes. He and Pacal triumph over the true enemy of the Maya, the mythical Lords of the Underworld, but only after the miracle--the miracle of Trithemius.

    Study generates knowledge; knowledge prepares love; love, similarity; similarity, communion; communion, virtue; virtue, dignity; dignity, power; and power performs the miracle.” Johannes Trithemius 1462-1516.