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A Time for Hope

With all the trouble in the world today,
With people demanding all that is there’s.
We see our means to provide for our own,
Fleeing with our dreams into the air.

But it’s Christmas! A time for cheer and delight.
A time to believe, a time to commune.
All is not lost, the end is in sight.
Faith and hope will keep us in tune.

For a babe was born in a stable meek.
God became man, man then is free.
Free to despair, or free to hope
For strength to o’ercome; from gloom to flee.

Yes, He came from the love of our father.
He came to rescue our burdened soul.
He lived and died and He lives again
To succor, to love, to make us whole.

Max Delano Beers
Dec. 2008