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Short Stories

Boy with the Golden Voice        My very best Christmas

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Boy with the Golden Voice (excerp)

   One day, my oldest brother came home and told me and Mom that there was a singing contest at the church. They decided that my oldest brother and I would both sing at the contest. But I didn’t want to. They talked and talked to convince me to sing. But I just said no. Then when I was alone with my oldest brother, he told me that he would beat me up bad if I didn’t go. And he didn’t care if I got a bloody nose. And he didn’t care if he got in big trouble. He just told me that he would make me go sing in the contest. So I finally agreed. I’m not stupid, you know.

   So me and my brother went to the contest. Just me and my brother went. My mom had to stay and take care of the little kids. It wasn’t a big program. I remember that when we went into the church and down in the basement there were many people checking in and talking. And there was someone on the stage singing, but not many people were listening. My music teacher was there too. And she was listening to the kids that were singing. The teacher that gave me her blood was there too. And she was also listening to the singers.

   My brother and I went to a table where we checked-in for the contest. The lady there asked us who would play the piano for us. We didn’t have anyone to play the piano. We didn’t even have any music. She looked at us strange like and looked around as if to see who we were with. But we weren’t with anyone. Just us: me and my brother, there to sing a song for the contest.

   So she just asked us what songs we would sing. My brother said he would sing “My Wild Irish Rose”. That’s one of my dad’s favorite songs. He says he is part Irish, and he loves the Irish songs. I have had to sing that song many times to my dad’s drunk friends. The Irish song I liked to sing the best is about ‘rings on fingers and bells on toes’. It’s a fun song to sing.